When it came to advertising our festive menu, we thought briefly about hiring a trampoline and filming our two Food Love pet doggies merrily bouncing away. Very briefly…

Sadly, we don’t have John Lewis’s marketing budget to do what they’ve done in their latest Christmas TV ad with Buster the Boxer.

But make no bones about it, if we had, Mr Ishii (named after Marco Pierre White’s Japanese chauffeur) would have soon put Buster, or even Lassie come to think of it, in the shade with his performance.

A natural showman, his dance and high five routine has to be seen to be believed. His Lhasa Apso chum Gucci is an old lady now though and it would have all been a bit too much for her 11-year-old self. So perhaps it’s just as well we resorted to relying on Keith’s good old fashioned reputation for cooking up top notch Christmas cuisine instead…

Of course we’re biased, but if you want to take the strain out of Christmas Day and buy in your dinner, you won’t be disappointed with any of the dishes he’s prepared earlier.

Whether you want a traditional celebration meal of turkey and all the trimmings for one (served in a lidded foil tray ready to reheat for £10.50) or you want to push the boat out and order a family feast (Keith’s two bird boneless roast comes sealed in its own oven ready cooking bag and is guaranteed to be moist and succulent for 12 plus diners price £55) we don’t anticipate any complaints.

For the full range of festive fare from his Very Special Christmas Gravadlax and Asparagus Spears Wrapped in Parma Ham to his Bailey’s Christmas Roulade and Mini Frangipane Mince Pies, take a look at our festive menu at www.foodlovecatering.co.uk



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