By popular demand, Keith has created a range of delicious ready made healthy balanced meals, all priced at £5 each.

The meals are prepared using only the freshest ingredients and frozen on the day they are made to preserve the freshness.

The range is currently being developed, but includes the following:

Tandoori chicken;

Chilli salmon;

Peppered salmon;

Teriyaki Cod;

Turkey with pepper sauce;

Peppered chicken;

All the above are are served with a great selection of healthy vegetables and either wholegrain rice or spicy sweet potato wedges.

In addition, there are:

Turkey mince cottage pies, packed with veg and topped with sweet potato, carrot & swede mash;

Homemade delicious quarter pound turkey burgers – £1.50 each

Still to come:  More varieties of meals together with some veggie options.

No minimum order required, no need to order in advance – contact us to find out what we have in stock and collect on the day required – we will even defrost them for you if you want them for tea that night!


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