What’s In A Name?

They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so perhaps we shouldn’t be too miffed that Tesco has chosen to adopt our name for their latest Food Love Stories advertising campaign.

(And we bet you any money it cost them a damn sight more to come up with it than it did us!)

Well Nana’s featured Magic Soup and David’s Hot or Not Chicken curry may be super tasty but our loyal diners wouldn’t swap it for any of our Keith’s specialities.

At our last Secret Dining event, we asked our regulars what their favourite dishes here were and this is what they said:

Kath and Paddy Mulcahy, who’ve been eating with us for the past six years, told us it is Keith’s tempura prawns and apple pie that makes their mouths water.

The decision wasn’t so easy though for Michael and Mechelle Lewis, who’ve been joining us for the last three years, and said it was ‘an impossible question.’ But when really pushed they listed his tempura cauliflower, Parma ham and fig salad, slow cooked beef and Black Forest gateau.

Guests of five years Albert and Eileen Morris really couldn’t choose though and would only say: “All the desserts are to die for!”

In the past four years that Christine Walsh has been dining with us, she’s come to love Keith’s prawn dishes and desserts most of all. When pressed further, she says it is a toss-up between his ‘magic’ custard tart and sticky toffee pudding that are her real favourites. I know where you’re coming from Christine!

For George and Yasmin Twist, who’ve been secret diners for two years, their choices include tempura smoked haddock goujons with chilli jam, beef wellington and our ‘work of art’ desserts.

Paul and Diane Speakman, who’ve also been visiting us for two years, say if they have to choose, their list of favourites would include ham hock terrine, quail eggs, Scotch eggs slow cooked beef, sea bass and banana bomb (a twist on sticky toffee pud).

All this food blogging has now set my own tastebuds tingling! What’s for tea Keith?

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